Changing Lives Through a Library in BIhar

The Better India profiles the work of PRAYOG – an organization that is changing lives in a village through a library.

PRAYOG (Professionals Alliance for Youths Growth) is a platform which is catering to the needs of children from lesser advantaged communities by filling the deficit of infrastructure, health and education facilities in villages. Set up in a remote village in Gopalganj district of Bihar, PRAYOG is serving more than 400 kids of 12 villages at present. 

The best way to reach out to kids was by offering them something which they had never experienced before. Hence, PRAYOG library was set up in a community open space in June 2013. The first day saw a mere five students walking in haltingly but within a year’s time, the library was a hit and saw a regular footfall of around 400 students.

The books covered a vast range. From newspapers to weekly and monthly magazines, the books were offered to the students according to their choice. 

Another victory that came Surya’s way was when he noticed the caste system which was followed by every community in the village and decided to do something about it. One day when Surya came to the village, women of a backward community gathered around him and asked him, “Are our kids not entitled to attend your library?” 

Surya was shocked and asked them what made them think so. 

“The kids from higher communities do not allow our kids to enter the class,” said one of the ladies.
Surya immediately took all the students who wanted to attend the library with him and gave a lesson on history and caste system of India to all his students. He also explained to them how every individual should have access to equal rights.

Read more about this organization and ways in which you can contribute.

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