Call for Papers + Workshop : Changing Role of Teachers in Contemporary India: Policy and Practice

“Changing Role of Teachers in Contemporary India: Policy and Practice”
March 12th 2011
A.N.Basu Auditorium
Department of Education
(Central Institute of Education)
University of Delhi
33, Chhatra Marg,
Delhi 110 007

About the Workshop:

The Central Institute of Education, Delhi University, is organizing a conference to address the crucial issue of preparing teachers for the challenges they are likely to meet throughout their careers. This especially applies in the light of change in education policy and practice all over the world. This conference seeks to examine how best to prepare teachers for today’s changing education. Teachers become public figures when something goes wrong with the education system or when they are needed to implement reforms. They acquire public status also when they negotiate salaries and working conditions or take a stand in relation to some issue. But most of the time, teachers work in their classrooms and schools ignorant of the discussions about their function and performance, until such discussions affect their everyday lives. In a certain sense, such is the situation today policies on teachers are being framed in different national contexts that have an effect on teacher’s work, offering ground for reflection and debate in relation to their conceptual foundations as well as to their practicality in producing the expected results.

Call for papers on following workshop themes:

Major Themes of the Conference:
The teacher and teacher educator in India.
Pre-service Teacher Education
In-service Teacher Professional Development
Teacher Management
Policy Perspectives in Teacher Education
Teacher Education and NCF 2005: Linkages
Teacher Education in a Globalize Indian Society.
New development in Teacher Education: Study in Futuristic (Innovations, experiments and researches in teacher Education)
Evaluation in Teacher Education Programme
Comparative perspectives in Teacher Education
Teacher Education: Understanding the diversity of student population (specially marginalized sector)

January 28, 2011: Last date for submission of Abstract (300 words)
February 26, 2011: Last date for submission of full Paper

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