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At Pratham Books, we have been super busy with all the ‘Bookaroo in the City’ events (that would explain the sporadic blog posts this week). Apart from coordinating with authors and performers and schools, we’ve been busy learning how to make origami flowers, Japanese fans and more. We heaved a sigh of relief when ‘Bookaroo in the City’ ended on a successful note on Thursday.
Today (26th November) was the day when Bookaroo was open to schools and it was great that the weather cleared up, the sun came out and cast a warm spell over the bright and colourful venue. With several events scheduled at different spaces with the IGNCA grounds, one was faced by many tough decisions. Should one go and watch the paper engineer Robert Sabuda create pop-ups or should one go and listen to Leila Seth talk about being a good citizen, should one join in the vibrant singing sessions that Jeeva Raghunath was conducting or go listen to Anthony Horowitz entertain the kids with his wit? Decisions…decisions…decisions. And that is how the next two days of Bookaroo are going to be. But, fret not…whatever decision you make, be sure that you will be entertained. (Pssst: come armed with enough water and maybe even caps in case the winter sun decides to be too nice and shine down on all of us).

Visit the Bookaroo website for more information. You can also see the schedule for Saturday and Sunday by clicking here and here.

Don’t forget to come say hi to us because we are conducting FOUR events this year:

27th November, 2010

1. Lenny and Tweek – Wanted: A Friend – by Mariam-Karim Ahlawat
at Kahani Tree, 12:45pm
Come and learn about making new friends. A sweet tale of friendship from a German author.

2. Follow the Blue Line : by Parthiv and Vidya Shah
at Workshop, 1:15pm
All aboard for a river trip down the Narmada

3. Grandpa Cherry Blossom : by Hema Pande and Valentina Trivedi
at Kahani Tree, 1:45 pm
Folk tales from the Land of the Rising Sun

28th November, 2010

4. Jungle Brew : by Tanya Luther Aggarwal
at Workshop, 11am
Can a little girl from a tiny village in the hills of South India actually stop a war? Meet Tanya and find out.

See you there and hope you have a splendid weekend at Bookaroo!


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