Bookaroo in the City (Day 8) : Spellbound by Words

Volunteer Sudarshana Chanda writes about the book reading conducted by author Sarah Prineas during ‘Bookaroo in the City’…
The last day of ‘Bookaroo in the City’ saw several events take place simultaneously. I accompanied Sarah Prineas, a fantasy writer from Iowa to Global Genesis School, Noida. Miss Prineas was thrilled to be in India for the first time and after a long drive we finally arrived at the school. The first sight in itself was overwhelming. Global Genesis is a newly built school, huge and extremely beautiful, furnished with everything from a swimming pool to a basketball court! We were given a warm welcome and the students of classes 3 and 4 were quietly seated in an open space in the middle of the school courtyard. As she read out the first few pages from her book, The Magic Thief, both teachers and students sat still, enthralled by the excitement that flew from the pages of the book and entered their minds. Their eyes sparkled as she read the first few lines: “A thief is a lot like a wizard. I have quick hands and I can make things disappear…”
She was presented with a bouquet at the end of the session after which I took over and encouraged the children to participate in Bookaroo and also informed them about Pratham Books, the organisers of ‘Bookaroo in the City’, 2010. It was a day filled with excitement and warmth.
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