Bookaroo in the City (Day 2) : The Gift of Stories

Have you ever fallen into the pages of a book and fallen off your chair laughing? Have you ever smelled the earth as you see the picture of rain falling on parched mud? Pratham Books brings you such magic in your world with books! Pratham Books is proud to present “Bookaroo in the City” across 22 schools in Delhi. And guess who all are coming? Anthony Horowitz, Cindy Jefferies, Paro Anand, Lian Tanner ….and many other exciting names from the world of books.
Indira Ganesh shares her experience at a school run by the Delhi Common Wealth Women’s Association in Zamrudpur.

Bookaroo in the city 2010 is reaching the most inaccessible learners. On day 2 of BIC 2010, it made its way to a school of just 65 children between three to four years who have their classes in a partitioned room of a medical centre. It was a school run by the Delhi Common Wealth Women’s Association in Zamrudpur and the group of children who had assembled there were waiting for the big event—Story Telling. The Story teller was Valentina Trivedi who is passionate about story telling and who conducts theatre workshops for children. Valentina is a gifted story teller who can modulate her voice to become a growly bear or a whining wolf. Infact, her adroitness in making various noises kept the children riveted to her story telling. Children squealed with laughter through out the session. Valentina chose two books from Pratham Books (Samira’s Awful Lunch and Yakity Yak) to tell her stories. The beautiful illustrations were a great add on to her wonderful narration. She told the story of a girl who does not like the food in her lunch box but after meeting the ant, the butterfly, the crow and the others, she has a change of heart and heartily eats her food. The second story was of Yakity Yak who was a talkative juvenile yak who gets separated from his parents and is reunited with them after his friends like the cloud and the sun join forces to help him. The young children amazed everyone with their confident replies and regaled us with their rambunctious laughter. It was a wonderful session with a wonderful story teller.
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