Bookaroo in the City (Day 1) : Ajit Narayan

Have you ever fallen into the pages of a book and fallen off your chair laughing? Have you ever smelled the earth as you see the picture of rain falling on parched mud? Pratham Books brings you such magic in your world with books! Pratham Books is proud to present “Bookaroo in the City” across several schools in Delhi.
We’ve entered the second week of Bookaroo in the City and the excitement continues to grow. If you are in Delhi, make sure you’ve marked your calendars and set your alarms for the main Bookaroo events (on 26th and 27th November, 2011). If you aren’t in Delhi, isn’t there a way for you to come and attend this awesome festival? Don’t miss out on attending the 2 day festival that celebrates the world of books and children’s literature!
Back to Bookaroo in the City… 
Volunteer  Debahuti Brahmachari writes about Ajit Narayan’s comic making session at the MCD school in Krishna Nagar …

Ajit Narayan’s sessions (with the girls(pre lunch) and the boys(post lunch)) were very interactive and full of enthusiasm.

The kids responded with a great vigor to grasp the basic knowledge towards their first steps in the illustration world. Different facial constructions boggled the mind of the kids  Several other techniques were taught buy the illustrator along with several interesting tricks of the trade were explained and showcased.

The magic of cartoons spread among both the batches of kids, the teachers and the principal too.

View more pictures here.


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