Book Reviews : ‘Forever Friends’ and ‘Cauvery’

Daksha Hathi of Deccan Herald reviewed two of our books – ‘Forever Friends’ and ‘Cauvery’:

I thought my favourite was the story of two friends, both trees, that almost broke my heart with their love for each other and how they proved it. But then I was equally moved by another book called Cauvery which told me all about the river which is linked so closely to my life. I had no idea that this river besides giving me water to live, is also stuffed with magical stories which make history a treasure chest to sink into and devour.

Forever Friends begins enchantingly by telling us how the two trees that became thick friends, grew and how they went through several ups and downs, the black, white, silver and gold rivers of living while their friendship grew and became powerful and so sturdy that nobody could cut it down, though the trees themselves were…but I will let you find out the rest of this entralling tale which will teach you to become a really wonderful friend…

Cauvery plunges you into the deep and astounding watery secrets and stories hidden inside the river that is the most turbulent, towering, important friend for all of us. As you listen to the tales that emerge from its cool waters, entwined with birds, fish, crocodiles, Tipu Sultan, wars with the British, and how much our lives depends on it, you are hooked. The excellent photographs draw you deeper into the tale….If you have ever hated history in school, you must read these books which make history a tasty piece of coconut cake with jam on top!

Forever Friends is priced at Rs.25 and can be ordered here. Cauvery is priced at Rs.60 and can be ordered here. If you or your children have read our books and want to review them, please mail us at [email protected].


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