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The Maharashtra Times carried a review of some of our books here.

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It talks about the goodies we prepare for Diwali… But the goodies made up of words and not sweets…It says that this Diwali has brought faraal i.e. Diwali goodies not only in form of sweets, but books with different flavours. It starts with stories in famous books/ magazines/weeklys in Marathi such as Champak, Thak Thak, Akbar Birbal, Isop tales, etc. Then comes note on a book by Popluar Prakashan. Then comes our Manee Maaoo which specifically says about Pratham books and Rijuta Ghate. Then are few sentences about Rohini Nilekani speaking about our low-cost model.Then again comes note on other books on animals and birds, about Rajat Prakshan, Marathi Diwali Magazines, Manovikas Prakashan, Urjaa Prakashan, etc.
Then comes one paragraph about our Cauvery; it says that a very different book with lots of research and exclusive pictures. It says the book has origin of Cauvery, island of birds, Battle of Shrirangpattan, Curse of Talakad, Power of the waterfall, Cauvery meets the sea, etc. Quotes from Cauvery about how long it is and it will take 100 days to travel. You can buy this book here.


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