Big books, bigger fun!

Deepa Balsavar, author and illustrator of Nani’s Walk to the Park, and author of Achoo!, took these two Big Books to a bunch of children in Mumbai. The bigger books just meant bigger fun, as you can see at two different sessions. The first was at Akshara School, Kandivli on December 19, followed by one on December 20 with children from more than 30 visiting schools at Caterpillars, the Lodha International School Literary Festival at Thane.

Picture Credits: Lodha World School Thane

At Akshara School, the children had a ball following Nani along the lovely lanes of friendship, happiness and beauty as Deepa read out the story to them! Next, they tried to help the curious monkey find out what exactly how an elephant sneezing would sound –  as it turns out, it’s a little bit like Achoo!

The Caterpillars Literary Festival saw children from the 3rd and 4th grade completely enthralled by Deepa’s rendition of Nani’s Walk to the Park. The reading was followed by a map-making activity where the children were tasked with creating a map of their own neighbourhood. It was quite an absorbing effort, and one of the young map-makers even announced, “We are now in the Lane of Activity”. The map they created at the session is now displayed at the Lodha World School for all to see.

Picture Credits: Lodha World School Thane


Nani’s Walk to the Park, and Achoo! are both available on the Pratham Books e-store in English and Hindi. Read them now on StoryWeaver.


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