Bangalore Cares a little!

In spite of the Dasara festivities in many homes, people did turn up at ‘Sneha Santhe’, the fair at National College Jayanagar premises.Several NGOs have put up stalls. People bought sweaters, candles, artifacts made by volunteers in aid of differently-abled people. Some bought T-shirts and stationery, natural fibre , bags and mats, We were thrilled to see parents and children browsing through our books. Shows that Bangalore does care, doesn’t it!

We were thrilled to see parents and kids at our stall too. A group of young professionals who have set up a volunteering unit said they were planning to set up a library for government school children, and wanted to buy an entire set of our books in Kannada.

Drop in at the Santhe today, between 3pm and 9 pm. Show you care by supporting the charity bazaar that has homemade chocolates, toys, artifacts, books, jewellery, cards.Or sign up to adopt a pup. And after the shopping, gorge on chaat, italian khanna and popcorn. Sneha Santhe is an initiative within the Joy of Giving Week. And we all know that by Giving, we actually Get! So, go get it, Bangaloreans!


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