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Lightroom Bookstore’s blog mentioned of our books in their list of books ‘which are great for broaching the subject of starting school.’
Rani’s First Day at School

Cheryl Rao & Mayur Mistry (Rs 30, or free to download on Storyweaver) 

Have we ever mentioned what a fantastic concept Pratham Books’ Storyweaver is? An open source platform, it’s part of Pratham’s mission to get a book into every child’s hand, and allows you to read and download content, or even create your own stories. This short tale focuses on the school gate ritual, showing how Rani finds the courage to leave her mother behind, safe in the knowledge that she will see her again at the end of the day! We have physical copies of this little book in Kannada and Hindi. Download the story here. Buy the book.

Click here to find out which other books are on the list.

Sharing some of the other stories that we think the little ones may enjoy during this time.

Bheema, the Sleepyhead : Bheema has a problem that many of us have every morning. He just can’t wake up on time! A little friend helps him. Would you like to find out how?
Do and Don’t : Do you think this little boy likes to go to school? If you DO want to know, just turn the pages of this book.

Going Home : Why is the little girl in a hurry to get home? Find out in this sweet story.

What Shall I Wear Today? : On some days, it is so difficult to decide what to wear. The little girl in this story tries on many dresses before she finds the perfect one.
What If? : When Shyam is sleepy he has trouble brushing his teeth. But dreaming big is no trouble at all.
And this last recommendation is especially for a little girl who has been visiting our office during the summer holidays. She’s been learning to read with us and her school started on 1st June. She also lost her tooth on that day …so this, story is especially for her!
No Smiles Today : Shanti was a happy girl. No one had seen her sad or quiet. Then one day she went very quiet. What had happened to Shanti?

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