Back to a school filled with books!

This June, children all across India are returning to school. A new school year. New classmates. New lessons. And, with a little help from you, a heap of brand-new storybooks for them to enjoy and explore.

Through the Donate-a-Book Back to School campaign, we are hoping to donate 3,000 books in 30 days! And we need your help to make it happen.

How can you do that? Choose from our list of LIVE campaigns, started by schools and organisations determined to create reading spaces for their children. Support a campaign for as little as Rs. 250 so that school children come back to a school filled with new books, and discover the joy of reading.  

Choose from any of the campaigns listed below, and make a donation of your choice (Rs. 250 = 6 books, Rs. 500 = 12 books, Rs. 1000 = 25 books, Rs. 2500 = 62 books and Rs. 5000 = 1 library kit)


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