Artwork From France

An early sneak peek at some illustrations that Audrey Kumar, an illustrator based in France, has done for an upcoming book based on the timeless story, The Empror’s New Clothes.

Click here to see a lot more of the pictures.



  1. Mala June 13, 2008

    Magnifique! Romba Nanna irrukku! Is this the same Audrey (Prem) Kumar who studied Carnatic Classical music at Kalakshtra, Chennai, and also won an award for her work in Kalamkari art?

    The world will definitely be a better place if such art is accessible to all our children, especially to those for whom books and reading are a novelty.

  2. Gautam June 13, 2008

    Mala: You should click on one of the pictures or the link below them and leave a comment on her blog. Easier for her to follow up, what?


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