Annual Haircut Day Gets Remixed on Kitaab ka Khel

Two months ago, one of our popular books (Annual Haircut Day) got remixed by the creative folks at Kitaab ka Khel. Sweta Daga and the team at Qyuki have been co-producing the Kitaab ka Khel show which brings books to life through a new medium.

An article in The Alternative talks more about Kitaab ka Khel.

As a child, Sweta really enjoyed watching and listening to the stories on Reading Rainbow. An American children’s TV series, it was started in 1983 to encourage children to read. What she really liked about the show was the creative ways in which the books came alive.

In Kitaab Ka Khel, Sweta finds it very important to bring out the real life connection to the books she reads. She hopes that just as Reading Rainbow made her love books, she can spread that love to more children though her show. She recollects that after watching every episode, she would dash to the library to find the book and read it. Sometimes over and over again. She says that the books sparked her imagination and became part of who she was. Through Kitaab Ka Khel, she cherishes the hope that children will first, just learn to love stories and books and maybe then, want to touch the books, read the story themselves.

The books featured in Kitaab Ka Khel are by Indian authors and Indian illustrators. Sweta feels it is important to encourage our local talent and wants to use the amazing stories, drawing and art forms in India. She has a collection of books from Indian publishing houses like Pratham Books and Tulika. Right now the books she has read in Kitaab Ka Khel are in English and Hindi. Going forward, she would love to have guest story tellers on her show, reading books for the multitude of Indian languages that are there. She hopes that children will enjoy the diversity and feel curious to know more about stories in their own languages, communities and culture.


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