Ad-campaign ‘Chulbuli’ : Promoting Hygiene along with the Product

While we You-Tubed our way across cyberspace, we were pleasantly surprised by this cute advertisement. And if you are wondering why we would post an advertisement on this blog, take a look and then leave your comments. Apart from sharing this gem with our readers,we were also interested in how the campaign moved on to become a tool to spread a specific message to children across India.

Via AnimationXpress.com :

What are little girls like? Naughty, talkative, playful……………….

The Chulbuli campaign has one master 30 second film, which took four weeks through pre-production and production. Also there is a three minute film titled ‘Adventures of Chulbuli’ which is currently being shown in schools in various parts of India to promote shiny and hygienic hair, and of course, the product: Clinic Plus! This film was completed in one month to meet a very tight deadline.

A Chulbuli doll offer film was made as well, where stopmotion was used to animate the doll. These films have been additionally dubbed in six regional languages. Other than animation several illustrations of Chulbuli and her friends have also been created for the print campaign.

Read more on the making of Chulbuli here. Hold on, don’t click right now! First let Chulbuli grab you by your hand and take you on her exciting journeys.



  1. Hårtab September 23, 2009

    thanks for sharing the video's

  2. Maya September 23, 2009

    @Hartab – Hope you enjoyed the video!


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