10 years on, Rohini Nilekani retires as Chairperson, Pratham Books

As Pratham Books enters a new decade, our Chairperson Ms. Rohini Nilekani announced her retirement. Since its inception in 2004, she has been a guiding force behind Pratham Books and our mission to see ‘a book in every child’s hand’. She will be succeeded by Ms. Suzanne Singh who is currently the Managing Trustee. Ms Singh has spent several years in the advertising industry before moving to the social sector in 2004.

Ms Rohini Nilekani, said “It has been a ten year journey for Pratham Books and we feel proud that we have been able to reach millions of children. As we enter our second decade, it is time to renew ourselves for the future. In the next phase, Pratham Books will foray into digital books, collaborative platforms and even more innovation to open up access to good children’s content. As part of this process, it is a good time for a leadership change at the helm. I have always believed that good, sustainable institutions need to reinvent themselves periodically. We are delighted that Suzanne Singh, who has been a core part of Pratham Books, as a Board member and Managing Trustee, has taken over as the new Chairperson as of 1st January 2014. As a founder and well wisher, I will continue to support Pratham Books.”

Ms Singh said, “ At Pratham Books, we believe every child has the right to enjoy reading and learning. We begin our 10th anniversary with a renewed zeal and commitment to this belief. New and exciting times lie ahead for Pratham Books – on one hand we will build upon our existing strengths of creating reading resources and engaging communities and on the other we hope to be future ready by creating a large digital library for children to access anywhere….anytime.”

Pratham Books welcomes Ms Suzanne Singh in her new role.

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